The #GoDigital Experience is a series of intensive, in-person business growth events designed to help get your business branded, online, streamlined and badass!


Want to know more?

What is #GoDigital?

In a nutshell, The #GoDigital Expeience is a series of one to two day high intensity workshops to boost your business success. From learning how to brand your business, build a website, create sales funnels, setup lead generation, create a social media strategy, software tutorials and much more, it is designed to bring business owners together, collaborate and get shit done, in real time!

Why should I attend?

Aren't you tired of attending conferences, seminars and workshops that only leave you with the information and intent? They're a great source of learning but trying to put everything into practice once you get home can be tough. We believe in creating an experience for business owners to come together and not only learn but practice AND launch, there and then!

What are the benefits of attending?

Imagine being in a room full of like-minded individuals to create a kick-ass online business and presence, all at once! A new website, brand, headshots, graphics, tech support, automation, sales process - the whole kit and caboodle. Sounds good right? With one-to-one support as well as group collaboration, it has never been a better time to be productive.

Where will the sessions be held?

Our sessions will be held in venues across Essex and London. To be the first to hear about the venues, make sure you sign up to the newsletter above.

What sessions will you be running?

We are still finalising the session schedule but have some very exciting things planned! Just some of the sessions we will be providing are:

brandit. - How to create your own strategic branding, discover your business personality, explore colour psychology, create your brand collateral and learn how to bring all the elements together into one cohesive brand.

buildit. - Design, build and launch a kick-ass website in just two days flat! From learning the platform, gathering graphics, implementing your brand, applying simple CSS coding and create a plan of action on how to update your website moving forward, you will leave this session with a rockin' online presence!

marketit. - Discover the world of social media (and not in the way you know it). It's time to up-level your marketing and implement software and tools in the form of paid advertisements, organic growth, tribes, scheduling, engagement pods and much more.

strategiseit. - Learn and implement strategies that work behind the scenes of your business. From creating lead magnets, setting up effective lead and sales funnels, monetise your blog and setup the foundations to your passive income.

automateit. - Learn the ins and outs of Mailchimp and similar email marketing software. Discover how to create an enticing welcome email series, automate your newsletter signups, segment your contacts and run retargeting campaigns. Automate not only your business but your life through the power of workflows!

How will each session run?

Each session will run differently depending on the category but will consist of live tutorials, one-to-one support, group working, light networking and most importantly...FUN.

Lunch, refreshments and snacks will also be provided to you throughout the day.

The best part? At the end of each session, we will be holding a launch party! Whether it's unveiling a new brand, launching your website or just cheering on your new found freedom - we will be celebrating in style with prosecco, gorgeous food and great company.

How do I sign up?

We're still finalising dates with venues, sorting out details and working out dates. To make sure you are kept in the loop and even take advantage of our early bird deals, you will need to sign up to register your interest (using the form above) before it's too late. We will only be able to take on 15 people per session, so spaces are super limited!

Are there opportunities to collaborate / advertise?

We are all for collaboration and supporting small business so if you believe you have something that would be beneficial to the groups, please drop us an email at leah@thevirtualstudio.co.uk to discuss.