Books-on-Sea is a newly established, secondhand bookstore in the heart of Southend-on-Sea. Founded in 2019 by Veronika Loessl, who decided to leave her academic career to open her dream bookshop by the sea, had a distinctive vision of what she was looking for and came to us for help.

With the shop design in full swing, we got to work on creating a timeless and traditional brand that showcased the business and its offerings as well as creating mockups of the store and designing the signage.

The website has also been designed to be the online face of the business and provide visitors with up-to-date information and events happening within the store. In order to make it as easy and informative as possible, the website has been set up to contain dynamic content; meaning that when it is updated in one place, the information will populate in several other places that have been set (e.g. event dates on the homepage). A custom book and gift feed has also been created to showcase the latest products available to visitors in-store.