Squarespace Top Trumps – Why Should I Use It?

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I’m not going to lie, I’m a total #teamsquarespace fanatic and will preach it from the rooftops if I have too! However, for many people, especially those who aren’t web designers, the ‘what seems never ending’ options for website builders get SUPER confusing and any go with what is familiar to those around them i.e. WordPress.

Now don’t get me wrong, I build MANY client websites on WordPress and most of the time, I have no problem with it but I will always come back to Squarespace, no matter how many plugins WP offers.

Why, I hear you ask? Here are my reasons for using Squarespace and why people should be making the switch.

it has some kick-ass analytics

What has to be one of my all-time favourite Squarespace features is their built in analytics tool. Gone are the days where you need to integrate Google Analytics as well as what feels like 100 other platforms just to get your website statistics (although you can also link this if you wanted to!). You can now find such features directly within your website or through the Squarespace App – cool right? Not only that but the metrics they track are ah-mazing!


it’s beautifully responsive

Squarespace automatically creates a responsive version of your website so that it can be used throughout mobile and tablet devices as well as a desktop or laptop. Although there are always a few tweaks to be made here and there for a fully responsive design (mainly occurs when you have custom coded some elements) it saves a bunch of time trying to responsively code like you do with many other builders.



They even provide a mobile and ipad view interface at the top of every website backend so that you can view as you go! 


It is not just a ‘drag and drop’ builder

I have to say, out of all the reasons people tell others not to use Squarespace, this has got to be the worst. Squarespace often gets linked in to the ‘drag and drop’ builder category such as Wix. However, although Squarespace does contain drag and drop features, this is actually the only similarity between the the two. 

The drag and drop features are perfect for beginners and non-web designers alike and a simple website can be made without any custom coding if required. Although, I wouldn’t recommend going down the route of not having any custom coding on your site, it is a good starting point for those looking to increase their web design skills.

More importantly, the drag and drop features are not what sets Squarespace apart and they do not effect any SEO rankings or responsive design like it’s competitors, next time you hear this remark, remember that it is not what defines it.


It’s community driven

Squarespace has many community forums as well as the ‘Circle’ – a community of designers and developers alike who trial new features, receive feedback, ask questions and keep up to date with the latest news. When working with a Squarespace circle member, you can receive exclusive offers such as a six month trial site (instead of the standard two weeks) as well as 20% off your first year hosting. You can also be sure that they know what they are doing and have a support network behind them!


it has a wide range of features and integrations

Don’t get me wrong, I do build certain sites on WordPress or similar platforms however the pain of downloading plugins and the constant back and forth of ‘does my theme offer this’ ‘can they do that’ often does make the whole process slow and tiring. With Squarespace, no matter what theme you choose, it has the same, streamlined features across it’s platform – want a twitter feed or instant form? There’s a block for that!

From Acuity to ChowNow, embed blocks and instant buttons; it truly does make the design process easy and beautiful.


It provides an all-in-one solution

Trying to manage hosting, domains, email addresses and design software from separate locations can sometimes get confusing. Squarespace has found the perfect solution to managing it all in one and offers everything you need to get your website up and running, from one location. With it’s affordable monthly or annual pricing, there is a price point for everyone whether you are a non-profit, a sole trader or a large corporation.


It has ecommerce functionality

That’s right! Whether you want a full online shop or to list a few items such as a course, Squarespace provides a simple ecommerce setup that anyone to use. Perfect for those looking to create not only a stunning and functional website, but it also gives them the opportunity to increase their revenue streams!


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